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A shot of Tiger VI, Auburn's flying mascot, in action before the Ole Miss game of 8 SEP 01

We're a family of four living in the loveliest village on the plain: Auburn, Alabama. This site was started up as part of an effort to learn HTML coding. This meant that as soon as one aspect of HTML was learned (e.g., tables) it was immediately incorporated into the site. The content gradually evolved into a mixture of family photographs, reviews of books, films & television and short updates on the recent fortunes of the 3 college athletic programs that we keep tabs on: Auburn, Syracuse and Louisville.

About 3 years ago I finally figured out that it's better to do a few things well rather than to do many things in a sketchy manner. Hence, this site content is currently being edited in order to showcase the items that are comprehensive & might serve as a reference for others. To my mind, the best example of what the Web has to offer can be found at this link. Go ahead & click on it; see if you agree that the site's presentation of reference material and interactivity with visitors (via their posting of updates, comments, other interpretations, etc.) simply can't be done in any other medium. The one item from the Josephson site that I think is halfway presentable on the web's world stage is the page on the British crime author Dick Francis.

All that said, have fun pointing & clicking your way through our site.


20 DEC 06 - suspended visiting fan page until next football season, deleted TU Student AIChE page, renewed Photo Gallery
20 NOV 06 - major culling, updated Iron Bowl countdown
31 AUG 06 - upgraded to newer CuteFTP, continued culling


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